A thing about X Jam 2015 and why you should be part of it

2013 was my top year for extending my global community, learning new skills, collaborating and making stuff happen. This in a large part was due to my involvement in Global Service Jam. I co-founded X Jam with Simon Gough in Exeter in March for Global Service Jam. It was awesome – see here.

We then got hooked and ran events for Global Gov Jam, and Global Sustainability Jam later that year…

X Jam 2015 runs from 27th February – 1st March. I am seriously gutted not to be able to make this year’s X Jam as it’s one of my best friend’s 40th’s but these only happen once…

This year’s X Jam has moved from the University of Exeter to The Generator – a bustling creative co-working space bang slap in the middle of the city centre. The new location brings even more opportunities for field research, testing ideas with members of the public, and food or liquid refeshments.

X Jam 2015 – why you should be part of it:

  • You will learn more in this weekend than any other
  • You will collaborate and share more in this weekend than any other
  • You will develop tangible solutions to problems you haven’t even thought of yet
  • You will connect with like-minded people across the world
  • You will be part of the biggest design-thinking event in the world
  • You will surprise yourself

Go on then, book here while tickets still available.

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