Northern Futures: policy to the people?

Last month I took part in Northern Futures: a new project initiated by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, bringing people together for a new kind of debate about economic growth in the North. The Cabinet Office’s Policy Lab is supporting the project, encouraging people to submit ideas online, and on the ground through...

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While financial markets started to melt-down over the last week or so, so did public order. On Saturday 6th August, riots and looting started in Tottenham, which swiftly spread to other parts of London and key cities across England. I saw Mr Reeves of Reeves Furnishings, Croydon, watch as the...

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This is the first of two rambles, prompted by recent events over the last week. After all the talk of recovery, confidence and new opportunities, last week the US credit rating dipped and global financial markets nose-dived. Within 24 hours there was talk of meltdown, crash, armageddon. Just yesterday it...

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