innopints 4

“Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.”

Henry Ford

For those of who you who are uninitiated into the dark world of innopints – it’s a loose gathering of vagrants, who have shared interests at the interface of innovation and pints, founded by George Julian. A few people have gathered a few times already for light banter, food and beverages. There are no presentations, no business cards, no formal introductions, just likeminded people discussing stuff that interests them, with a vague connection to innovation, however tenuous.

At the last innopints, organised by Martin Howitt, we congregated in Newton Abbot for a curry. the hottest un-curry topic was about collaboration. The need to “Collaborate or die” was proposed and debated, then we all went back to our silos… 😉

It’s my turn to organise #innopints and we thought it would be fun to have it in Narnia (aka Totnes). I propose a broad topic as food for thought: failure.

Failure is something I have been thinking about a lot lately, and something I believe is intrinsically linked to innovation.

Bring your thoughts on failure to the Waterside Bistro in Totnes, Monday 25th June 6.30pm. We can have drinks and bar food. Would like to keep as informal as possible, and room for people to move around, rather than sitting in the same seat all evening.

Please let me know by Friday 22nd, if you want to come along so I can book the right table.

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