Instagram’s Instappeal.


Following on from my pop_up workshop on instagram last month, I thought it about time I shared some thoughts on why so many of us are falling for instagram along with some practical tips.

The social communications landscape is changing; with more and more channels available, people are craving quieter, less crowded, spaces to interact. This year we’re already seeing a rise in niche platforms, and in particular those focusing on visual content sharing, such as Instagram and Pinterest. As 65% of us are visual learners, it seems a natural shift.

So, what is Instagram’s Instappeal?

1.    Simplicity – it’s clean, it has unfussy features, and is easy to use. It appeals to the growing ‘back-to-basics’ mentality.

2.    Stylising – Instagram allows filters to be added after the image is taken. It also has the ability to use creative editing and colour correction, which is ideal for amateur photographers who want to add visual impact.

3.    Personal – it can act as a visual diary, giving unique insights into people’s lives, individual interpretation and storytelling.

4.    Mobile – this is ‘point and shoot’ photography and content sharing, anytime, anywhere, with your smartphone.

5.    Niche – it is interest led, and can allow p2p and brands to connect with consumers that have a specific interest, and so a less crowded environment.

6.   Social – it enables sharing of images with select or multiple communities/audiences, via facebook/4sq/tumblr, comments, and also the use of searchable hashtags across instagram and twitter.

For those of you that are already converted I will leave you with my top 5 associated tools/apps that can allow you to have even more fun with your instagramming:- – for web viewing, statistics and private messages

Storywheel – for recording a story through soundcloud around your Instagram pictures, and sharing as an audiovisual slideshow. – for exploring nearby Instagrams, Foursquare Tips and Tweets

Typoinsta – for adding text to your instagram images

Picframe – this app adds frames and combines photos into single Instagram posts. plus a pocketful of different styles and text options

The biggest downside of Instagram is that it is currently only available for Apple mobile devices… However an Android version of the app is promised for release later this year. Will keep you posted.

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