This is the first of two rambles, prompted by recent events over the last week.

After all the talk of recovery, confidence and new opportunities, last week the US credit rating dipped and global financial markets nose-dived. Within 24 hours there was talk of meltdown, crash, armageddon. Just yesterday it was reported that over the last few days $2,5000,0000,0000 has been wiped off the global financial markets, almost the equivalent of the size of the entire French economy, that’s a lot of loot… How much time energy and commerce would it take to replace that? It is almost inconceivable to me.

Surreal and removed as it may seem to you or me on the ground, the effects of global market crashes end up affecting all of us, be it directly through debts or investments,  through to the cost and availability of consumables. I also think these economic horror stories effect all of us indirectly, in terms of confidence, capacity for risk-taking and for collaboration, key attributes we arguably need even more, in an increasingly connected and people orientated economy.

Lets keep up the exchange.

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